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10 Step Check List

I believe that if a job is worth doing it's worth doing well. I always follow the same pattern when I'm cleaning and I'm always very thorough. I'm sure you'll find this attention to detail results in excellent work.

  1. Pre-inspection: I tour your home with you to determine what is to be done and to answer any questions that may come up. It is important to determine whether the fibre used to manufacture the carpets, area rugs and upholstered furniture to be cleaned are natural or synthetic to make sure that I use the correct cleaning solutions and techniques, and to satisfy any manufacturer's warranty.

    Stains will be inspected and discussed. At this point I'll have a good idea of how long the job will take and what issues need to be resolved. I'll let you know of the approximate cost at this point as I want to make sure you're in complete agreement and there's no surprises.

  2. Pre-vacuuming. This is the first stage of the cleaning process which can remove up to 80% of the dry particulates found on the surface of the carpet. I use an industrial vacuum with a beater bar to remove as much particulate as possible. Edging and corner detailing is included in this process. Pre-vacuuming is always done in an industrial location, however, in a residential home, the owner often decides to have this job done in advance to save some money as it can be a time-consuming and therefore costly service.

  3. Moving furniture. Furniture is moved and replaced during cleaning as required. Smaller items like chairs, piano benches, and similar are always moved and then returned. Heavy items like full china cabinets, pianos and the like are not usually moved or not moved without assistance from the home-owner. The home owner must have all breakables, easy to knock down items, toys, shoes, electronics etc. safely stowed away before I arrive.

  4. Pre-spray. The pre-spray is a special mixed cleaning solution that is sprayed on and left to dwell before the carpet is extracted and rinsed by hot water extraction. This process will remove the dirt and most stains. The cleaning solution IS NEVER put in the tank where there should only be hot water. Cleaning solution in the tank means that a soap residue could be left behind in the fibres.

  5. Stains and spots are treated before, during and after cleaning depending on how stubborn the stains, what kind of stains there are and which method is found to give best results.

  6. Extraction technique is very important. The method I use is called "double extraction" I pass the wand while applying hot water and pass it twice while applying only suction, ensuring the drying time is kept to a minimum. I make as many passes as required to get the best possible clean, rather than a simple 'once over'.

    Hot water extraction is the main method used for restorative cleaning, and is recommended by carpet manufacturers for both wool and synthetic carpets. The method I use ensures that no soap residue remains.

  7. Foil pads and/or styrofoam blocks are placed under furniture with wood or metal bases to prevent contact with the freshly cleaned carpet. These must remain until the carpet is completely dry. This is to prevent the colouring from the wood from leaking into the carpet and causing permanent stains, it also prevents similar problems with rust.

  8. If the customer is available I would like to do a walk through with them at this point. If there is any concerns with the quality of the cleaning it is easiest to address them at this point. I can either re-clean some areas if the customer finds any problems or I can point out permanent stains and damage so it doesn't come as a surprise later.

  9. Scotch Guard™ is a protective shield that helps prevent spills from becoming permanent stains. Scotch Guard™ must be reapplied after each cleaning.

  10. The carpet will be groomed with a specialized carpet rake if it has a long pile, as in shag carpets.
At this point all that's left is for the carpet to dry. This usually takes an average of 8 hours. Bear in mind that this is an average, it can take longer or be shorter. Turning on fans and increasing the heat can help carpets dry. If you must walk across damp carpet please use clean, non absorbant, foot wear. I can provide plastic foot covers if necessary. Do not put towels on damp carpet or wear socks, these can absorb the scotch guard™ before it sets in the carpet.

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