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My Guarantee

Fort McMurray Carpet Cleaning - 100 percent You will be highly pleased with the improvement in your carpets or furniture, impressed with the care I take with your property and pleasantly surprised at the dedicated commitment I put into your cleaning, all at a fair price.

My work is 100% guaranteed or YOUR MONEY BACK. This is how sure I am that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of my work. If stains reappear, there's rapid re-soiling, the carpet becomes blotchy or streaked, a foul odour occurs, dirt remains in edges and corners, or if the carpet becomes crusty, I will return to re clean your carpets free of charge. If you're still not satisfied I will return your money.

Unfortunately some problems may not be solvable. Bryan is not responsible for any defects already existing in carpets or upholstery that can become evident after cleaning. These defects can include; loose carpets that buckle after cleaning; carpets that have been damaged by harsh chemicals that bleach out the dye, permanent stains, burn marks, and footprints left by furniture.

The following list explains some of this in more detail.

Problems with cleaning


Stains come back: Sometimes a stain appears to be gone and I move on but some more wicks up later.

Re-clean with extra vacuuming so it doesn’t wick up again. Failing that underlay needs to be replaced. Call me back to re-clean

Carpets buckle: Sometimes while carpets are damp from cleaning they buckle or become wavy or peaked. Often this goes back down on its own when it dries, if it doesn’t then see the solution.

Stretch the carpet. Get a carpet installer to re-kick and secure the carpet so it’s not buckled anymore

Dye is bleached: there are a variety of chemicals that can cause damage to your carpet’s dye. You may notice this right away, or it can become evident after cleaning once the chemical and the dye have been rinsed out.

No solution, once dye is bleached it’s bleached. I don’t use any bleaching agents.

Rapid re-soiling: if there’s soap left behind in your carpet it can attract dirt more rapidly than regular use can account for.

Too much cleaning solution is left in the carpet, rinse it out more thoroughly. Call me back to re-clean

Carpets become blotchy or streaked: Natural fibres can release a substance called tannin if not cleaned with proper care. This shows up as streaks or blotches

Typically this is the case with natural fibres being cleaned without a chemical called brown out. There are anti-browning treatments, but prevention is preferable. Call me back to re-clean

Foul odour after cleaning: It’s not always clear what causes this. Most likely there’s some substance present deep in the carpet or possibly in the underlay that produces an unpleasant odour when made damp. Possibly spilled at some time.

Some stains may be invisible, but become evident by their smell once made damp by the cleaning process. Clean again thoroughly using a disinfectant and deoderizer. Call me back to re-clean

Stroke marks: In most carpets, when I clean my wand leaves lines in the carpet. This is just ruffling of the carpet and it’s not permanent.

These are eliminated by vacuuming or a carpet rake. If you dislike the stroke pattern please let me know before I arrive and I’ll bring the carpet rake.

Stain won’t come out. It was cleaned but still remains. Some stains re-dye the carpet. They won’t come out because they are now part of the carpet.

Some stains cannot be treated. This is unfortunate but there is no solution.

Blackness around vents: Your carpet can act as a filter for air coming out from air vents in your house. If there’s dust or carbon in your ducts they get deposited in your carpets and show up as a black area of carpet around the vents.

This comes from a dirty duct system. It is recommended to get your furnace and ducts cleaned. This blackness may not be fully removable from carpets. I will do my best to clean it out, if you’re still not satisfied I’ll take the time spent cleaning it off your bill.

Dirt in edges or corners: In some cases dirt, dust and lint can accumulate in the last half inch of carpet right next to the baseboard. Sometimes the carpet is even sloped towards the wall here making an indentation for dirt to accumulate in.

It is difficult to reach this dirt with standard vacuums and carpet cleaning wands. It is recommended that you use a detailing tool to vacuum all the edges regularly. I have a similar tool for carpet cleaning which I employ when required. If I missed some dirt in the edges I will absolutely come back and clean it out at no charge.

Footprints from furniture remain: Often when furniture is moved, the base or feet of the furniture have left dents in the pile of the carpet called footprints.

Once the fibres of the carpet are bent and creased by heavy furniture over long periods of time they will not return to their original shape. This is unfortunate but there is no solution.

Paint glue or burn marks: Many types of paint and glue can bind permanently to your carpet, if a cigarette is dropped it can make a small dark indent, a hot iron can also leave a brown mark.

These are usually permanent. There are some carpet safe solvents, and I do employ them, but they may not be able to get some kinds of glue or paint out. A burn is just damage and cannot be repaired.

Dye from an area rug can sometimes leak into carpet if the rug is placed on carpet. Most often with wool rugs

The dye of the area rug may be low quality, or the area rug may be new. In any case this is not fixable as carpet cleaning solutions are designed NOT to affect dyes. Please refrain from putting this type of area rug on your carpets.

Stain from furniture on carpet: When a spill happens on the feet or base of a piece of furniture it can cause rust or it can cause wood-stain to leak out into the carpet.

If this is from iron or metal feet then it is likely rust, and it can be removed. If the feet are wood it is probably wood stain, which is known to leak into wet carpet. This is a permanent stain. It can be prevented through the use of protectors which I use, and won’t happen if furniture is not placed on wet carpet.

Carpet is “crusty”: The carpet may look fine, but feels as though some substance is making it stiff or hard.

This indicates too much product or some type of soiling still remains. A thorough rinsing is recommended. Call me back to re-clean.

Bryan The Carpet Cleaner Inc. is your professional Fort McMurray carpet cleaning company. We have earned our reputation in Fort McMurray for providing the highest quality carpet cleaning services. Visit us again at for more information on our Fort McMurray carpet cleaning services and products.