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You will be highly pleased with the improvement in your carpets or furniture, impressed with the care I take with your property and pleasantly surprised at the dedicated commitment I put into your cleaning, all at a fair price...
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I believe that if a job is worth doing it's worth doing well. I always follow the same pattern when I'm cleaning and I'm always very thorough. I'm sure you'll find this attention to detail results in excellent work...
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Bryan The Carpet Cleaner Inc.
Fort McMurray, AB

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Fort McMurray for Carpet Cleaning

Bryan The Carpet Cleaner Inc. is a locally owned and operated family business, fully licensed, bonded and insured. My experience includes both residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning of all kinds of fabrics. I offer a full Guarantee on all my work.

My business relies heavily on referrals from very satisfied customers. I'd be happy to count you as one of them and will do my best for you.

My clientele are very discerning individuals who expect me to have an eye for detail, show respect for their property, and give high value service. I am determined to deliver the best experience possible and will constantly look for ways to improve both your experience and my performance.

My 10 point Check List ensures that nothing is left to chance, and when your bill is finalized you will see that the total is exactly what you expected and what we had originally agreed to. When you click over to my Pricing page you will find examples based on time and square footage, even some tips on how to save a few dollars on your carpet cleaning.

Need a quote for Commercial carpet/upholstery services? Visit my Commercial page for all the information.

The Q & A section offers a volume of tips and how-to information on all sorts of helpful subjects. For those occasional spills that you must clean up right away check out our tips on Stain Removal.

In Consumer Reports you will find helpful hints on how to hire a carpet cleaner and get good value for your money.

I look forward to talking to you soon.


Bryan The Carpet Cleaner Inc. is your professional Fort McMurray carpet cleaning company. We have earned our reputation in Fort McMurray for providing the highest quality carpet cleaning services. Visit us again at for more information on our Fort McMurray carpet cleaning services and products.