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Defining Terms

200 sq. ft. bedroom: I am taking 200 sq. ft. to be the average size of a bedroom, yours may be larger or smaller and of course the time cleaning it will change accordingly. Also covered by this category are equivalent sized rooms with roughly the same amount of furniture. For example a bedroom would likely contain a bed, nightstands and a dresser or two, an office would contain a desk and file cabinets instead, but they should be roughly the same amount of labour to clean.

400 sq. ft. combined living room and dining room: Again I am assuming 400 sq. ft. to be a roughly average size, and if yours is smaller or larger the amount of time involved may be less or more. In this case we're talking about several couches and end tables, entertainment stand, coffee tables, dining table and chairs, buffet, china cabinet, etc. A similar room that would be covered by this category would be a rec room perhaps containing a sectional and pool table or piano (I will not under any circumstances move a pool table or piano)

Empty: This is a move out or move in, there's nothing in the room

Full of furniture: this is a room that's currently in use, containing either bedroom or office or living area furniture.

No Moving: I should have little or nothing to move, such as just a few small chairs or a waste basket

All moving: Everything needs to be moved and replaced. In this case it's necessary that the customer has removed all breakable items and emptied out any drawers and cabinets. Easy mover pads will be used to move more difficult pieces. Pool tables, pianos, 4 poster beds, or similar items will not be moved unless the customer arranges it separately.

Dining chair: A dining chair is often found as part of a dining room suite. If it is upholstered it's only on the seat and back. Similarly a sitting chair or office chair would be considered to be roughly the same amount of labour to clean.

Living room chair: This is a fully upholstered chair on all sides including arm rests, often reclining.

Extra Section: Each "extra section" is a back cushion and seat cushion with corresponding front or footrest and back. An extra section typically seats one person. For the sake of avoiding excessive repetition I will trust you to add an "extra section" for each seating area of your piece of furniture to come up with an approximate cost. For example a Loveseat would be equivalent to a living room chair plus one "extra section". A sofa would be a living room chair plus 2 "extra sections" and so forth.

Attached Cushions: If the upholstered furniture has cushions that cannot be removed from the main piece they are attached. Also if there is an upholstered and un-upholstered side to the cushion it will be treated the same.

Reversible Cushions: If the upholstered furniture has cushions that can be pulled off and are upholstered on all sides then those cushions will be fully cleaned on all sides as well as the area of the main piece that these cushions cover when in use. For the sake of this table it is assumed that the backs as well as the seats are reversible, there are many designs of furniture that only have reversible seat cushions while the backs are attached, this would of course cut down on labour costs.

Mattress: a mattress is part of your bed, it is upholstered just like chairs and couches, but since it is used much more may very well need cleaning more often. I presume in this example that you want both sides cleaned, but of course for a pillow top mattress you would only ever use the one side, in which case the other side would likely take very little time to clean, or could be skipped altogether.

Synthetic fabric: Most often derived from petroleum products such as nylon and polyester

Natural fabric: Either comprised of cotton, silk or wool

Throw pillow: These are small cushions, upholstered on all sides, which lay loose upon the upholstered furniture.

Low soiling: The carpet is vacuumed at least weekly, there are no stains, some soiling of the traffic areas. Carpets are cleaned every 6 months.

Medium soiling: Perhaps due to heavier use or because vacuuming and carpet cleaning aren't used to the recommended levels there are some stains and worn in traffic areas.

Heavy soiling: Bodily fluids (pet or human), a large number of stains in a small area, carpets are rarely vacuumed or cleaned and traffic areas are full of worn in dirt.

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